The Nigerian way of life is an endless loop. It does not terminate. Like every culture, it evolves, but this change does not terminate the course of action. Rather, it widens the loop.

When you look around the Nigerian environment, new things come up every day. Where once existed a Victoria Island waterfront, stands tall buildings of the Eko Atlantic, but it’s still the place where only the rich live.

Our population explodes like an A-bomb. Our tribes have integrated more than the years preceding Biafra, but the tribal mistrust still exists even at a more bitter level.

On Endless Loop NG, I share thoughts on what makes Nigeria tick the way she does. From politics to media, fine art to dance, food to language, the searchlight is on finding answers to the following questions:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Where do these actions take us?
  • How does it affect us, moving forward?

I hope you enjoy visiting this site, and come back to read more.

Ladipo Titiloye, Writer and Filmmaker