I am Ladipo Titiloye. I thought I was not a seller

Then family circumstance compelled me to sell insecticides at my grandma’s shop on Dosunmu Street, Lagos Island. I assumed I couldn’t do it, but after watching other shop owners, I learned to sell.

Though it wasn’t fantastic, I gained an important lesson:

Everybody must learn to sell.

It’s the only way to earn. You sell either a service or a product. When you research our business and social cultures, you get a case of ‘man thinks, man creates, man sells’, and for the sake of more successes or  an end to failures, man thinks again, creates a product or service and sells.

 It’s a never-ending phenomenon, an endless loop.

No matter the product or service, be it the Catholic Church or Coca-Cola, Facebook, or Amazon, old or new, someone gets an idea, creates something and sells it. The process is the same.

But Success Differs

The world has billions of sellers but we do not gain the same amount of money or success. What stands out? Storytelling does.

The Best Sellers are Storytellers

When I worked in my grandma’s shop, I found out that the best sellers among the retailers were those with the ‘sweetest mouth’, which meant those with better storytelling skills. They had a way of taking an example from their lives to suit that of their buyers, create a rapport, and make a loyal customer out of the individual.

I tried it with a Beninese woman, who travelled across borders to buy cartons of insecticides. She came to the shop one afternoon, and I greeted her in French. She was happy and asked in French if I can speak the language, I told her in French that I could only say basic things my mother, a French teacher, taught me. 

We shared stories about the language, and our shared Yoruba culture despite our different countries.

From that moment, she never bought insecticides from any other shop. If I didn’t have a particular brand, she would prefer I get it for her from a friendly competitor instead of going to another shop.  

I Blog from a Learner/Observer Perspective

I am not a guru of any kind trying to teach you how to sell. My wife will laugh if anyone called me a guru. She has a better chance of being an authority on selling than me.

I am a writer. I take examples of successes and failures, rub my thoughts around them, and offer you my thoughts on new media marketing, story branding for small businesses, creativity, and personal growth.

But I am a Seller

I sell words.

I am a scriptwriter, content creator, and storyteller. When I am not at work, convincing producers, small business owners, or publishers to buy my words, I play with cardboards to fuel my DIY drive for creating cardboard picture frames.

My writings have appeared on Naked Convos, and Agbowo. I live in Ibadan with my wife and daughter.

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